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Repulsion Poster

In a rare attempt to "go up-market", Tony Tensor & Michael Klinger (Compton & later Tigon), recruited enfant terrible director, Roman Polanski for the psychological thriller,"Repulsion" ("cul-de-Sac" followed a year later in 1966). Notorious for their tight budgets & schedules, the producers soon found Polanski's meticulous approach to his work challenging! Nonetheless, Polanski held sway & was reponsible for the recruitment of Catherine Deneuve (at a salary well above that which English actresses would have accepted). Polanski was also responsible for the poster commission going to fellow polish emigre, Jan Lenica.


The poster design here is very much "art-house", eschewing the more literal contemporary illustrations of western poster artists. The use of dark blue/green & the image of the prone woman, handled (with hands out-stretched), resonates with the themes of psychological disorder & sexual dysfunction inherent in the film. As very few films were released into the Polish (Communist) cinema market, cinemas were almost always guaranteed to be full. Bizarely the repressive political environment meant that Polish cinema poster artists could indulge themselves to a greater extent with more avant-garde poster designs (they did not have the same commercial pressures as their western counterparts). Lenica was a highly respected graphic designer (posters, cartoons, stramps etc) & is regarded as one of the best of the Polish poster artists.


The Quad poster for "Repulsion" is a quintessential 1960's poster & is very collectable. Although "Repulsion" was a reasonable commercial success, it was by no means a "blockbuster" & the print run was modest. In top condition, this title now sells for £1,000+. This particular example, however, has some obvious tape stains to rim, a few tiny edge nicks & the smallest slither of paper loss to 1 1/2" area of upper mid rim. This, however, is an original 1st release Quad for the film, not to be confused with the 1970's re-release which boasts the same illustration but lacks the green hues to the design.

NB. Due to the value of this item a supplementary P&P charge will be required for overseas buyers.

Price: £375.00

Film Category: Thriller / Horror
Director: Roman Polanski
Actor / Actresses: Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser
Poster Type: UK Quad (30" x 40", 76cm x 102cm)
Poster Artist: Lenica Jan
Condition: Good
Year: 1965
Reference: 59034

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